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West Potomac High School

  1. Address

    6500 Quander Road
    Alexandria, VA 22307

    West Potomac High School

    If you have any questions, or problems please contact Jerry

    Klemm at 703-508-5050

    GATES- Use combo locks: 3-4-5-6. When leaving, feed the

    combo lock through the keyed lock AND a chain link so that we

    can access the field with the combo and the school can access

    the field with a key.


        Light box is directly behind the home plate bleachers. Switch is

    on the outside, 3rd base side of the box.

    There is a light key in a lockbox on the backstop, combinaton is


    West Potomac Baseball Field Care

    -Do not play on the field if there is standing water in the infield

    -Do not remove wet dirt from the mound or anywhere in the


    -Do not do any warm up exercises on the infield grass.

    -Please stay off the foul lines when warming up.  Cleats will

    destroy the grass and foul lines.

    -Do not use the field for batting practice.

    -Do not use any part of the fence to hit or throw against.

    -POST GAME MAINTENANCE (tools should be on the field):

    -Rake and level the ENTIRE infield, not just around home plate

    and the bases.  Fill and tamp holes at home plate, the pitcherâ??s

    mound and around the bases.

    -DO NOT rake or drag dirt into the grass.  Rake 1st & 3rd

    baselines parallel to the baseline, not back & forth.  Pick up drags

    between first base and the infield grass (otherwise you're dragging

    dirt into the grass).

    -Remove all trash and litter from the dugouts. Place it in the trash

    cans or take it with you

    -Remove any other trash you see or brought with you â?? leave the

    field in better condition than you found it.

    -If you are the last team to use the field, cover the mound and

    home plate with tarps after raking. No weights or tie-down stakes

    required. Do not walk on the tarps with steel cleats.

    If you used the bullpens, fill and tamp the holes, rake and cover.

    Turn off field lights (after the last game played) â?? they are not on a


    Rakes/ drags are left out. Please make sure they are inside the

    gate before leaving. Please drag entire infield after playing. Lock

    field gates using the combo locks.


    unless the next set of teams have arrived at the field.

    **Failure to properly take care of this field will

    result in the loss of the field for future use by your team or the

    league. Help keep this facility in good shape for all users.**

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