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Edison High School

  1. Address

    5801 Franconia Road
    Alexandria, VA 22310

    Edison High School

    Thomas A. Edison High School

    This beautifully maintained field is closely monitored. Be sure to fill in and pack holes at the mound, plate and sliding areas. Pull up bases when raking and replace temporarily with plugs. After raking, replace bases.

    Tarps must be replaced at the mound and plate and secured by sand bags.

    Lights: DCMSBL lockbox on the backstop has a 3-4-5-6 combo. Use the key to unlock the padlock on the small control box on the back of the pressbox. Field lights are marked.

    This is a school field and will NOT be listed on Fairfax County's Park Field Status page. Coaches are required to check the field for playability 3 hours prior to game time.

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