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DCMSBL Spring League 2022 | Free Agent Waiting List  Baseball

Spring 2022
Jan 1 ’22
Nov 24 ’22
Free Agent Fees

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If you are new to DCMSBL: Looking to get on one of the DCMSBL teams for your age group (see 4 steps below):

1. Sign up to the Free Agent Waiting List, this is where our team managers go to look for a player (s). Managers send an email to the League President asking who is available on the Free Agent list available to play in their age group.

2. Depending on how many players the team manager is looking for, the League President will send them the player's contact information.

3. Once the team manager receives your information they should be reaching out to you via email and/or text or phone.

4. If it is a fit for the team manager and you - then you will need go back in and register for that team as a Team Player and pay your player fees.

Thank you for your interest in the DCMSBL and we hope to see you on the field playing baseball in 2022! Thank you...

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